We are an established, dynamic, loyal and totally client-focused company - absolutely committed to building the reputation of our clients.

Our special client-focused culture was chiselled into the foundation of our company by its founders in 1975, and has been passed down to the next generation to take our company forward.  We develop the careers and vision of our staff and their standing in the business is enhanced when we contribute to the reputation of those to whom we deliver projects. This cultural relationship strategy has been the key to our continued success in nearly forty years of service delivery.

Our primary role is to deliver your project competitively and professionally, whilst adopting your construction and refurbishment procedural preferences that you will recognise each time we have the opportunity to provide a new project for you.

We create acknowledgement amongst your peers and colleagues that you have delivered a project that has longevity based upon quality construction, driven by your desire to deliver the best of what will be a long line of projects by our company and its experienced, passionate and professional managers and staff on your behalf.

Terry Gannon


Group Managing Director

"Builders of Client Reputations since 1975"